the decade from 1870 to 1879
Hypernyms: ↑decade, ↑decennary, ↑decennium

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  • 1870s — Events and TrendsTechnology* The invention of the prototype telephone by Alexander G. Bell * The light bulb was invented. * The phonograph is invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison.cience* Ludwig Boltzmann s statistical definition of thermodynamic… …   Wikipedia

  • 1870s in fashion — 1870s fashion in European and European influenced clothing is characterized by a gradual return to a narrow silhouette after the full skirted fashions of the 1850s and 1860s. Women s fashionsOverviewBy 1870, fullness in the skirt had moved to the …   Wikipedia

  • 1870s in Swedish football — The 1870s in Swedish football, starting January 1870 and ending December 1879: Events *Early 1870s: Various forms of football are introduced in Sweden. The development of football is centered around Gothenburg mdash;which has an extensive trade… …   Wikipedia

  • 1870s in film — The decade of the 1870s in film involved some significant events. TOC Events*1870s French inventor Charles Émile Reynaud improved on the Zoetrope idea by placing mirrors at the center of the drum. He called his invention the Praxinoscope. Reynaud …   Wikipedia

  • 1870s in sociology — The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1870s.1871*Pierre Guillaume Frédéric le Play s Le Organisation de Famille is published. *Carl Menger s Principles of Economics is published. *Lewis Henry Morgan s Systems of Consanguinity… …   Wikipedia

  • 1870s in Wales — This article is about the particular significance of the decade 1870 1879 to Wales and its people. Incumbents*Prince of Wales Edward Albert, son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom *Princess of Wales Alexandra of Denmark *Archdruid of the… …   Wikipedia

  • England national football team games - 1870s — This is a list of association football games played by the England national football team between 1872 and 1879.H.T. = Half Time Score. In both the score column and the H.T. column, England s score is shown first …   Wikipedia

  • Aston Villa F.C. in the 1870s — Aston Villa Football Club was formed in 1874, by members of the Villa Wesleyan Cross Chapel. These were players of cricket in search of a summer pastime. The first meeting to discuss the new team was held on the fringes of Birchfield and Lozells …   Wikipedia

  • Ditto suit — 1870s The ditto suit is an early precursor of the lounge suit but often had a coat more akin to a frock coat or morning coat. That the waistcoat and trousers were matching made the suit more informal than those with silk faced lapels worn with… …   Wikipedia

  • Ironclad warship — An ironclad was a steam propelled warship of the later 19th century, protected by iron or steel armor plates. [Hill, Richard. War at Sea in the Ironclad Age ISBN 0 304 35273 X; p.17] The ironclad was developed as a result of the vulnerability of… …   Wikipedia

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